Richard III

Richard III

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3 – 9 Mar 2017
Duration 2hrs 30mins


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Mon, 6 Mar 2017, 6:30PM
Wed, 8 Mar 2017, 8:00PM
Thu, 9 Mar 2017, 8:00PM
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Her Majesty's Theatre


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William Shakespeare
Schaubühne Berlin
Directed By Thomas Ostermeier

Australian Premiere / Exclusive to Adelaide

If attitudes towards the hunchbacked king have softened since he was unearthed from beneath a Leicester car park, those waves of sympathy are yet to hit Berlin.

This blistering, unflinching study of evil from Thomas Ostermeier, one of the most provocative and influential directors in the world, remains steadfastly faithful to Shakespeare’s Richard as the ultimate outsider. Submitting to the inner impulses we usually keep well in check, Lars Eidinger’s mesmerising and darkly comic Richard makes The Joker look tame.

Take the plunge into a visceral, stark and harrowing world. With your adrenalin pumping from drummer Thomas Witte’s ferocious live score, you will be brought exhilaratingly close to some of the most extraordinary acting you will ever see.

In all the 70–year history of the Edinburgh International Festival, I doubt if there can have been more than a handful of performances as strange, compelling and utterly charismatic as Lars Eidinger’s magnificent reimagining of Richard III... (His) performance comes at the heart of a superb Schaubühne production that features... a blazingly gifted nine-strong acting ensemble The Scotsman
(Ostermeier’s) dark, sardonic take on the dangerous power of Richard’s charisma is perfectly realized Financial Times

Direction Thomas Ostermeier
State Design Jan Pappelbaum
Costume Design Florence von Gerkan
Collaboration Costumes Ralf Tristan Scezsny
Music Nils Ostendorf
Video Sébastien Dupouey
Dramaturgy Florian Borchmeyer
Light Design Erich Schneider
Puppeteers Training Susanne Claus, Dorothee Metz
Fight Choreography René Lay

Richard III Lars Eidinger
Buckingham Moritz Gottwald
Elizabeth Eva Meckbach
Lady Anne Jenny König
Hastings, Brakenbury, Ratcliff Sebastian Schwarz
Catesby, Margaret, First Murderer Robert Beyer
Edward, Lard Mayor of London, Second Murderer Thomas Bading
Clarence, Dorset, Stanley, Prince of Wales (as puppet) Christoph Gawenda
Rivers, York (as puppet) Laurenz Laufenberg/Bernardo Arias Porras
Drummer Thomas Witte 

With Thomas Bading, Robert Beyer, Lars Eidinger, Christoph Gawenda, Moritz Gottwald, Jenny König, Laurenz Laufenberg, Eva Meckbach, Bernardo Arias Porras, Sebastian Schwarz, Thomas Witte (drummer)

Presenting Partners Goethe Institut

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Photo Arno Declair

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